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What is the point

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  • What is the point

    Played 1 game today done well so entered the next one. The guy u see with the jack 10 goes all in every hand, i limp the aces he pushes pre flop again i call and look what happens (amazing ey)

    Then he does it again and again and again , i call with jack king he has 2 4 os and hits the 4.

    Why are people like him even allowed in this league. Thats the one reason it is a failure. that's 3 big minus games with massive hands.

    Pathetic. bye

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    Oh look it happens again in next tourney. hahaha call the all in a mile ahead and he hits a runner runner flush lmao. pathetic site

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    Last edited by belterlike; Mon Apr 04, 2011, 01:36 AM.

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    Still whining I see. umbup: zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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      ** Moved **


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        Ouch !!!

        Just read your blog - that is abit sick isn't it ??? Poker is a crazy game. That has to be long odds has'nt it !!


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          1. Especially if your on a loose table, you might raise utg with ur aces, not limp. Even donks who push with a wide range of hands would rather do it against someone that has a weak or med. strength hand, not a strong one.

          2. U called a push w/ a pair of 9's. just cause the other guy pushing with 66 is a idiot, doesnt mean u have to be. I wouldnt even call a 3 bet w/ nines in most cases. Why? a) You probobly wont like the flop. If overcards come and youre raised, then what? Hope that he's bluffing? b) Even if flop is all card below 9's and your raised, then what? Wouldn't it be feasable for someone 3 betting or pushing to have a better pair than 9's?
          Have a plan, dont be so reactive.

          cheers. j.
          Last edited by johannfl; Mon Apr 04, 2011, 02:44 AM.


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            big brother says: no limping with aces

            you are not permitted to limp with aces and win on this site. if your opponent had a 7 2 he would have flopped 3 more 7's. although limping with wired aces in certain situations in a b&m room is often the right play, forget about it here, you will lose. oh, wait i'm sorry; i forgot the r n g/ algos are perfectly normal here. ignore what i said. also, the kazillion river suckouts by your foes at every session is just your imagination, as well.


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              ...let me try to follow your logic. if the random number generator w/ its algo's, etc. are set to favor the suckout on the river, wouldnt that still make the odds even for everyone? or do u just never see the river card in your play?

              and btw 72s will beat AA about 1 out of every 6 times.


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                if aces never got cracked- then you might have a case with the rng-- is your roof leaking because its raining, or because you took out a skylight, and turned on the hose???



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