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The More I Study Poker the Worse I Get at It???

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  • The More I Study Poker the Worse I Get at It???

    So..I've been playing here a few years now....for the first 2 plus years I consistently lost...then I start to study poker by reading books and through the on line school and my game picks up dramatically. Get a 6th in the daily $70 grand for almost $3000, more often than not getting paid in the $38 & $60 sit and go's. I'd come home from work and often make $200-$400 before going to sleep. Now I've got some time off work and I've been studying more between books and on line school and I'm losing, losing, losing! This has been going on for two weeks now. I don't get it! Any ideas as to what is going wrong and how I can get back on track?
    Was I concentrating better before? Am I getting confused by the study? Did I just have a run of good luck and I'm actually a rotten player?

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    you're prob going thru a dry spell, just be patient it will pass eventualy
    focuss on hand selection, position and the actions of the people on the table.

    Don't get discouraged by not winning, just focuss on playing and having fun.


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      Thanks Mistrali. I'm wondering if now that I've got more time on my hands I'm sometimes playing on tilt, whereas before when I'd just play when I got home from work and on weekends, I was more focused on the games I was playing??? I'm making mistakes like assuming that other players are bluffing, probably because I'm not playing close enough attention to their play. Perhaps I need to become more disciplined and learn to play only when I feel like I can really concentrate on the game. I don't get how people play multiple games at once....I find if I don't watch the other players closely enough, I make mistakes. Aaarrrggh. A couple of months ago I turned $50 into $4000 and thought it was all going to be roses after that....but the last 2 weeks have been a disaster! I sure hope you are right and that it's just a dry spell.


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        you answered your own question.... you play on tilt..... thats the biggest leak any player has umbup: if you take a bad beat shut down for a while, walk your dog... get up watch some tv, read a book etc... just get your mind off the beat umbup: you obviously have some skill and have learned from your studying, but havent learned to control the tilt issue.... maybe after starting to feel tilty load up a .10 game and shove away until you are laughing at the absurdity of it all umbup: Anyways good luck and I would like to see you on the tables but our rolls are too far apart lol umbup: Ohh and 2+2 has some good stuff on tilt control in the psychology forum


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          Thanks so much for the good advice. I visited the 2 plus 2 forum and read some good stuff. I'll continue to read here and over there too.

          I was having a great morning here....woke up and decided I'd slow down my play and NOT play on tilt. I played a satellite for the daily $100k and $70k....stayed very focused, won seats in both and was very happy! Decided to take a break and go shopping before the 100k started. Came back refreshed and focused and then made the DUMBEST mistakes I've ever made!!!!! Sat down at the 100k...first hand I get kk....get all excited....then dumb dumb dumb....someone puts in a 3x bb raise before it hits me, I re-raise 3 x his raise (first mistake), then an ace drops on the flop, he goes all in, and I can't believe it, and knew it was wrong while I was doing it....I go all in too....and I think you know the sad end to that story!!!!

          Re stakes, until a few months ago I was playing far smaller stakes, then one day I deposited $50, satellited into the $70k, got 6th, won $3k and my stakes went up after that! I'm sure your day is coming soon too!


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            no problem umbup: thats what most of us are here for


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              Sometimes you need to have a Reset Button

              You can study all you want, get 100% passing grades on the PSO exams... even get Doyle Brunson and Phil Ivey as your personal mentors... let's go a step further and make them your table coach!

              However, we play poker... Poker is cruel, poker makes no friends and poker can turn best friends into worst enemies.

              If you are a good player (as you have shown, turning 50 into 4000) then you should know all too well that for one to succeed, another must fall.

              When, however, it is your turn to fall and you suffer a losing streak... get away from the computer for awhile, or do something that doesn't actually involve playing poker...

              For me, Techno/Trance and watching TruTV (usually involving people getting hurt) is my reset switch (actually listening to my own electro-house mix ATM). It helps me remember that although I suffered a loss, these things happen and I can be in a much worse situation.

              (BTW: PSO league game... got dealt pocket Kings... I raise and one other calls... Flop comes A-K-A... Eureka, just flopped a Full House... and odds of opponent having an Ace is extremely low)... I check raise all in... opponent calls... he is holding pocket Aces... Poker is either Amazing or Cruel depending on which side of the stick you are on)

              However, I also know that mathematically, raising all in on pocket kings will pay off more than folding them.

              Moral of the story, bad things can happen in this game... don't dwell on them for too long otherwise you'll start folding hands that you probably wouldn't... or worse, raising with hands you should have folded.


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                Phoenix, interesting you mentioned playing tired, etc. A Las Vegas casino manager, talking about hold em, said one of the biggest mistakes amatuers make is amatuers play when theyre not 100%. Theyve have been traveling all day, get off the plane, check in, go up stairs, freshen up a bit, then at the end of the day come downstairs to play, a bit worn out and tired.

                in hold em you want every poss. odds advantage over your opponent. Someone helping me with my game gave me the advice to vow only to only play when you can give it 100%. how many times do we play cause were bored, or when were tired, or not feelin well, or have a lot on our minds. playing at 80 or 90% vs. !00% will make a staggering difference in the long run.



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