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Cracked AA again, should I just fold them?

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  • Cracked AA again, should I just fold them?

    My AA and KK gets cracked so often by donk calls in the PSO i am wondering if i should just automatically fold them...latest:

    Me - cut off
    Donk - on the button
    small blind in for $75
    BB in for $150

    I have AA. When it comes around to me I bet 4x the BB at $150 to $600. I know that the donk will come along or go all in because he shoves on any two cards (we both have around $2500 stacks).

    Flop shows an Ace and two rag card (mixed suits). Small blind goes all in. I have the set of A's and I am pretty sure Donk will follow so I go all in ( I want his chips, and I want him gone). He calls and is holding KQ off
    4th street = J and yup, of course the river is a 10. I am out.

    Should I just fold the damn A's?
    It is more than just a suck happens every stinking time. It is getting hard for me to believe that all of these rivered straights can be random

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    when i get aces ....... does not matter what position or when in the tourny i go allin....... what happens happens again allin let the poker gods sort it out ..........I am also wondering about the random dealings of online poker ...maybe it is maybe its not ... i will be here playing my azz off again tommorrow gl


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      agreed i tend to go allin with AA,KK preflop no matter what in the skill league your 99% guranteed to get a donk caller. btw pokerstars musta been on one yesterday cos i had more or less the same hand in the same tourni with the same result lol check it out


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        Your hand (almost the same as mine) takes me back to my original question...should I just fold the AA hands. I am not whining. They just get beat way more often than they should in the PSO. If you folded em then you would have still been in the game with a nice healthy stack.

        The AA and KK hands get beat more than the one in five times in PSO...I do not have the same problem with QQ or JJ.

        Also, forget the odds for straights on the river in PSO. They happen more often than they should.


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          Tough question. You feel like a total donk if you back off with AA or KK (depending on the board but especially pre-flop). I'm having more luck playing 7-2 than KK lately. Sadly, you just can't stop playing AA and here - it's fairly worthless. Last 4 times I've had it here ended in disaster. One recent tourney I had KK in middle position and was near the money. Had the strongest urge to fold but pride got the best of me and I raised. Got a call in the BB and it cost me a chunk of change. Should have listened to that voice in my head. Just can't fold aces tho dude.


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            a) don't fold aces. maybe they have been losing more than they should recently, but in the long run, u will make a lot of money playing them aggressively. just keep playing em and stacking off the donks. if ur gonna fold the best hand (by far) b/c ur scared, poker is not ur game.

            b) don't just shove with them either. u r losing a lot of value by doing that and also putting urself at risk of getting knocked out. obviously in the right spots, shoving with aces or kings is the right play, but early on, its a no no. u start a pso tourney with 75 bbs. therefore, u are not short stacked, so don't play like u are. also, u have to understand the vulnerability of QQ or JJ. don't let variance bias u towards playing them harder than u should.

            just as an fyi, aces are less than 50% to win preflop against either 4 or 5 random hands, can't remember which. if 5than against 4 ur still less than 60%.
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              I know how you feel, people just don't believe a raise. Because when they raise, it is with crap. I am trying to figure out what hands I can play. lol


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                I have similar feeling with pocket A's. I have recently tried to play them less aggressively and keep people in the hands so I can extract as much money for them as possible. The problem is when the under pair or gut shot straight draws are a possibility after the flop, it always seems like your opponent will have exactly what he needs. I used to only do this if severely short stacked and endanger of blinding out as a last chance of getting max money fr the hand or busting.


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                  I've been getting a similar run of bad luck with both AA and KK, funnily enough, the last couple were up against QQ. What i have decided to do is to stop playing them so aggressively.

                  My advice would be: don't give up on them, dont be as big with the bets and remember: whilst AA and KK are good hands, they are not invincible.
                  'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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                    P8ball, your mind is playing tricks on u. aa will beat kq 86% of the time. if u dont want them, ill take em.

                    Beerhoe, thers a school of thought on slowplaying, aces included. Sometimes I also see pros flat calling aa or kk to trap, or min raising. However, remember aa probobly wont improve. And its just a pair. If there are a lot of others in, and people start betting and raising , for example, on the turn, youre probobly in trouble.

                    I like to make a decent opening bet, or a 3 bet, to get rid of the stragglers who might outdraw me if they see the flop or turn. (Bet size depends on loose or tight table) Then on the flop if anyone left wants to see the turn or river i make it expensive for em to do so. Someone hitting top pair on the flop can be a goldmine, so long as they dont improve. Make em pay you for chasing or trying to outdraw you. It worksfor me.



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