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9 Badbeats I've Had In The Micros Recently

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  • 9 Badbeats I've Had In The Micros Recently

    So if your looking to get pleasure from seeing me suffer, you are in for a treat! Since I have started nine-tabling $2 and $5 NLHE 6max cash tables about a week ago I have experienced some nasty badbeats. They can be a little bit frustrating at the time, but I understand... more now than ever, that they are part of the game and they do happen rather often. I'm probably being dealt a 1000 hands an hour so I guess these things are to be expected. Oh man these are going to be fun... check them out! inidonk: inidonk: inidonk: EDIT: REMOVED... rather forget about these now inidonk: inidonk: inidonk: I hope those are all the right hands. I couldn't really get myself to relive them all tonight, not exactly a mood booster lol.
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    Just had the worst session so far at the $5 tables. Scored silver star tonight, but the session went so bad it completely ruined the special occasion. Naturally, I did so bad because I got screwed over and over. Here are 5 more bad beats, 4 of which are from tonight. Enjoy!


    Yes good times...
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      I just made the mistake of viewing the bad beats from my new post. I want to !@#%ing strangle someone right now...


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        sucks man there some real donks out there.

        today was horrible for me too for the most part (I did have kings beat aces though that surprised me) but lost a bunch of heads up matches today to worse hands.

        I had pocket 8s all in vs a7 suited, he flopped flush draw and hit an ace on the river.

        also flopped the nut straight, he had an over pair and hit runner runner to make a better straight to stay alive and end up winning.

        also had a guy spike an ace on the river to beat me.

        lots of bad beats i was screaming


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          and as a suggestion, i just watched ur KK lose to a7.

          i know it sucks not winning big pots with big hands, but when a flop comes and it is draw heavy (straight and flush draws) I would shove and get it in all in on the flop. dont wait til the river because the draws could hit and it the person is playing a draw they might not call to the river.

          so ya it sucks to only win $.30 cents with kings but it sure as hell beats losing $2+ with them


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            Heres a bunch more bad beats!!! If you wonder how bad you luck can be, try playing 9+ tables at a time and this is what will happen! Enjoy!

            EDIT: REMOVED...

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