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Anyone else winning less than 20% with KK?

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  • Anyone else winning less than 20% with KK?

    The hand I used to dread was JJ...

    Now it is KK. I am 3 for 20 with KK over the past 2+ weeks.

    I swear 80% of the time an A comes on the flop.

    I slow play it, I shove, I raise 3-4 times the BB. Doesn't matter. Anybody with suited connectors, A+rag, low pair, beat me.

    Gotten beat on the flop with 3 Ks to a flopped flush. Gotten beat on the river, to 3 of a kind, by straights, full-houses, flushes, 4 of a kind... literally every way you can get beat with KK in the hole.

    Look at my record this month... I'm in the top 5%, but I swear almost every time I finished out of the top 1000, I had a KK get beat. Two out of the past 4 tourneys, I was in the top 15 and here comes the dreaded KK. But, it keeps happening in Sit n Go's at crucial times also. I'm in the lead, bam. I'm the short stack on the bubble, bam.

    I had stopped playing for 4-5 months because of this kind of crap and I came back at the beginning of the month and here we go again. Screw this... it's not worth the aggrevation.

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    just wait till it starts happening with AA late in an MTT...that happens to me often. and the sick thing is u can tell that after u shove, the guy(s) know they should fold their crap b/c it's so weak, but they just can't do it, so they call with KJ, QT, etc. etc. etc. and u end up losing. the 1 tip i can give u is: never give up. the reason u are successful is b/c u know not to call huge bets with the crap ur opps. r


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      Stop crying, go take a nap, call the wambulance and go to the nearest burger joint and request some french crys. Take a few days off .... come back with a better mindset.

      And you say that your KK gets cracked by a lot of different hands including suited connectors? Ever thought about maybe trying to mix in different hands into your game? Just because you look down and see KK doesn't mean you are going to win a super huge pot man. TBH I usually either win a small pot with KK or lose a huge one.

      Now in this case, that is horrible stats for KK and can be really frustrating. Your KK could be on a horrible down swing, but don't let that stop you from playing them. When this sort of stuff starts happening I immediately log out of poker stars and go do something else that won't make me tilt off my money.

      - AcE


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        I know how you feel just got knocked out of a free roll (I know I should expect it in a free roll) with KK.

        Early position I raise 5X big, flop 2 Q 3 rainbow bet about 2/3 pot 1 caller, turn 6 bet half pot he calls I thnk i'm string him along (dumb me) river 5 . For some reason that card didn't feel to good but I"m commited so go allin. He shows A 4. Why wasn't I surprised? What did surprise me is him bragging about what great play he made.

        I just learning to control my frustration. As others have said just hope you meet them again and try that you'll win in the long run.


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          If it helps any, I too had a run of the terrible pocket pair. This month it was the pocket jacks. First ten times I got those cards, I got killed. Didn't matter if I found a third on the flop either; they just lost to anyone calling. Most frustrating. Then I went twenty-five hands straight where the fish hooks caught the other guy. As of this moment, pocket jacks are running 33 wins, 14 losses, and 2 folded. That is a batting average around 673, and I still have another two weeks.

          Now I can already hear somebody out there saying, "stupid hedgehog, he asked about the pocket kings." Reason I bring it up is that it seems every month there is one particular group one or group two hand that turns golden, while another is pure whale dung. Yet it isn't the entire month. It goes in spurts.

          As Ketchup said, wait until those pocket rockets start exploding in your face. It will happen. Believe me when I tell you I have been there and experienced the frustration too.

          Just remember one thing, you're mind is screwing with the facts. Human nature will not let you recall any of your victories. Don't believe me? Can you recall the last time you lost with the pocket aces? How about that one player who kept hitting the river every hand? Do you recall how many times you had the winning hand and the other guy snatched your victory? Bet you answered yes to every question.

          Now let me reverse those questions. When did you last win with pocket rockets? Can you remember a run of at least three or more victories? Do you recall the last time the river saved your butt? A lot harder to answer these questions.

          All I can suggest is try to break out of that mindset with some real facts. You need not be extravigent. You don't even need a tracking program. All you need is pencil and paper. For the rest of the month, record how many times you get pocket kings. Put a tick mark in the win, loss, or fold column each time you get that hand. If you're like me, you'll be surprised by the results.

          Since you mentioned pocket kings, here are the statistics I have accumulated using the system I described. It records every time I got that hand between June and February 28th, inclusive.

          247 wins --- 65 losses --- 6 folded. = overall winning percentage = 777

          Check out the data in the Group One and Group Two thread in the Beginner's Forum. (Shameless plug by the old hedgehog.)


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            Last night I raised the button with KK, small blind reraises me, I 4-bet, he 5-bets, he has AA and no K comes for me of course. I probably got dealt AA 6 times during this same session, folded to me 2 times, I lose with them 3 times one of those getting me stacked, and I won a 9BB pot with one lol.

            IT SUCKS, BUT IT HAPPENS. NOBODY LOSES 80% OF THE TIME WITH KK OR AA IN THE LONG RUN. Variance can be painful at times, but in the long run the math will hold up. A few day or weeks does not count as the long run...

            One of the AA hands I raised and got called by 3 people. I started checking hoping to hit an A because going to the flop I probably had like a 45% chance of winning at showdown. AA is not indestructable.


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              Fish hooks are SUPPOSED to catch FISH come on!! Lol. Yeah I'm losing a lot with KK too. I seem to have unbelievable luck with QQ though.

              Sometimes there is nothing you can do. Villian will call with any two cards and hit inside straight draw and take all your chips on the flop..that is the nature of poker.

              A lot of times I actually limp with JJ or KK if there are hyper aggressive donks or a huge field. You need to be aware of who you are playing against as well.
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