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The curse of Ace Queen.

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  • The curse of Ace Queen.

    Woke up this morning and decided to play the 10 AM PSO, Villian #1 shows up at my table, 8 or 9 hands in. All in every hand for the next 15 or so. I start getting fed up and decide calling with hands like K 10 isn't that bad of an idea. I have 3000+ chips to his 1500. I get dealt AQo. I call his all in. He shows up with 6 10o. He catches a flush. Villian #1 keeps going all in. After a few hands, I get dealt KK. I'm all in. He calls, 95. Flop comes: 763 Turn: 4 and because PokerStars loves me so much they decided they would just throw in one of those extra K's on the River. I decide to try to fix my PSO point standing by joining the 5:30 PSO. Early in, I get some sort of re-incarnation of Villain #1. I call his all in with AQ. He shows up with QQ. No ace comes. 30 minutes later, I decided to join a couple free-rolls. The Facebook and NAPL ones to be exact. I get dealt AQ obviously... I re-raise a min raiser to 4x from late position. Flop comes 10 Q A. He bets 3/4 Pot. I'm all in (roughly 3x pot). He calls with K9. Turn is a blank. River is a Jack. I was livid. That was the second (but not the last) time that I had been drawn out on with AQ to end a tournament. Within minutes, it may have even been the very next hand, I get dealt AQ in the other tourney. Yet again, a shove monkey sitting to my left. I limp in to the blind with the thought that if anyone else calls his eventual all-in I'm out. Of course he went all in. It comes around to me and I call. He turns over 6 J suited. He flops a 6 + 4 garbage cards. I'm left with 20 chips. Guess what the next hand that I was then forced to go all with was?
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