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  • Finally

    I have had aces cracked by 72o. I have been outdrawn by the best of them. But last night I had a real beauty - and makes my personal hall of bad beats.

    VERY early in the NLHE freeroll I find 88 in early position. I don't raise - not that it would have mattered. Another mid-position limper. And then a nice raise from a late position player - popping about $600. I know their pp is bigger - but its early and if I don't hit my flop I fold and still have plenty of stack to build from. Other limper also calls.

    Flop 875 rainbow. I hit.

    I want to bet enough to discourage a str8 draw if its out there. But I don't necessarily want to discourage my overpaired friend. I make a pot size bet - which is almost $2000. The limper goes all-in. (??).

    What could he have? I have to believe that he has hit a lower set. And if he flopped the str8 with a 46 or 69 well bless his little gamblin heart - in my mind that wouldn't even make my top ten bad beats. Both the overpair and I call. I can't recall the turn - but the river is a 6.

    My overpair pal had pocket Qs ( I actually predicted Js)
    I died with my set of 8s
    And our lucky all-in raiser won with a K4o - making the gutshot on the river with a 6. He actually went all-in on the dumb end of a gut-shot.

    Limper apologizes, QQ fumes, and I stare at the screen in disbelief.

    OK - I feel better now (well not completely)