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Can't take much more

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  • Can't take much more

    Overall been a bad few weeks. I have been trying daily to try to win a $22 tix to the big Millions game on Sunday. Can't believe how bad my luck has run. Playing super starting hands but constantly getting beat on river by opponents that shouldn't even be in the hand. I've tried every game going within my little BR means but to no avail. It leaves you very disheartened. Just could not catch a break. I hope this bad run doesn't last long.. the last one lasted for 4 months. Best hand I had was in razz, i had the nutz, and guess what, so did the opponent.. see what I mean? could not get anywhere. Anyway, best of luck to all of you playing in the big game tomorrow, and congrats to all who actually were lucky enough to win a ticket. Have fun. I'll be on the rail looking out for my poker buddies.

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    Hey man Ive also only known this run bad for a month once before this bad but shortly after that I had my biggest ever cash so try to think of it as your luck factor is being stored up & definitley stick to proper Bankroll Management.


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      You can post some of the hands where you're running into problems too... it may not all be runbad, there may be misplays in there too, which will make things a lot worse.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner

      Online Poker League
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        - playing correctly

        - using bankroll management correctly

        All Matter!...……...…….

        and should be at the top of the list for sure to get better, that being said........

        I think the most important thing is...…….

        Being able to have you're AA get taken out by @#$% and being ok with it.

        Look.........….Poker is Gambling......…...there is no Guarantee of a positive outcome

        Once you realize this, the more you will enjoy it!

        and I believe the more you will win

        So just not train on how to play, and how to use bankroll management........

        Work on you're Mindset!

        Sometimes @#$% will Happen.....and how we deal with it is truly the Key to Success

        Cheers Man

        Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

        7 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Man if only my aces hold , I'd be as rich as Daniel Negreanu .


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            Thanks for all your uplifting comments, much appreciated... luck slowly turning around.. patience is always the it not?


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              for sure patience is 1 key always turns around glad it did fo r you.......if your only playing tournaments be prepared to lose 8 or 9 times out of 10 but 1 big score wipes out all the others

              ps thanksJohn im kind of multitabling be better tomorrow when i move furntiure


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                Yes, Patience is very important to your game, hand selection/betting sizing is equally important. I have posted a few hands in the forums, where I felt I was betting enough, but many of the mods and others confirmed... I am betting a bit too soft, have made the adjustment and found... I am taking down the pots a bit more. Don't get me wrong, you still have fish calling for that 5% on the river, which in reality... I want them there, just sucks when they suck out on ya. hang in there...


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                  huh... same old bad luck continuing... what I'm talking about... would you have played it differently? Stars always seems to get me on the river! lol

                  PokerStars Hand #203140821996: Tournament #2669547471, $0.09+$0.01 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2019/08/09 15:08:29 ET
                  Table '2669547471 6' 9-max Seat #1 is the button
                  Seat 1: bozo_roby85 (1500 in chips)
                  Seat 2: lion274 (1500 in chips)
                  Seat 3: NightFun (1500 in chips)
                  Seat 4: rafzrafz (1500 in chips)
                  Seat 5: akahi_san (1500 in chips)
                  Seat 6: lucianovp (1500 in chips)
                  Seat 7: porti1452 (1500 in chips)
                  Seat 8: ViktoriyaDor (1500 in chips)
                  Seat 9: Bilimadison85 (1500 in chips)
                  lion274: posts small blind 10
                  NightFun: posts big blind 20
                  *** HOLE CARDS ***
                  Dealt to NightFun
                  rafzrafz: calls 20
                  akahi_san: raises 20 to 40
                  lucianovp: calls 40
                  porti1452: folds
                  ViktoriyaDor: folds
                  Bilimadison85: folds
                  bozo_roby85: folds
                  lion274: calls 30
                  NightFun: calls 20
                  rafzrafz: calls 20
                  *** FLOP ***
                  lion274: checks
                  NightFun: bets 200
                  rafzrafz: folds
                  akahi_san: raises 200 to 400
                  lucianovp: folds
                  lion274: folds
                  NightFun: calls 200
                  *** TURN ***
                  NightFun: bets 1000
                  akahi_san: raises 60 to 1060 and is all-in
                  NightFun: calls 60 and is all-in
                  *** RIVER ***
                  *** SHOW DOWN ***
                  NightFun: shows (two pair, Queens and Nines)
                  akahi_san: shows (two pair, Aces and Queens)
                  akahi_san collected 3120 from pot
                  NightFun finished the tournament in 347th place
                  *** SUMMARY ***
                  Total pot 3120 | Rake 0
                  Seat 1: bozo_roby85 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                  Seat 2: lion274 (small blind) folded on the Flop
                  Seat 3: NightFun (big blind) showed and lost with two pair, Queens and Nines
                  Seat 4: rafzrafz folded on the Flop
                  Seat 5: akahi_san showed and won (3120) with two pair, Aces and Queens
                  Seat 6: lucianovp folded on the Flop
                  Seat 7: porti1452 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                  Seat 8: ViktoriyaDor folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                  Seat 9: Bilimadison85 folded before Flop (didn't bet)


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                    The ONLY correct play we made here was calling preflop.

                    On the flop, we only have second pair in a multiway pot and due to this, we need to check, not bet. We want to bet when we have the best hand (for value) or to get a better hand to fold. Is a Jx ever folding to a flop bet... no. Do we have the best hand in a 5-way pot, most likely, no.

                    We check and then only call if we have the correct odds to do so. Betting pot here is throwing 200 chips out the window. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, the number of opps and the board texture and it's not very often that a pot-sized bet is the correct answer. Smashing the pot button will do nothing but value-own us. I like playing against those types of players, as they get to win a small pot or lose a HUGE one.

                    When we get raised, we need to do the math to see if we can call. We need to call 200 into a pot that will be 1000, which is 20%. We have 2 nines and 3 queens that are outs for us if the opp has a jack, so from the rule of 4 and 2, each out is worth 2%, so our hand is only worth 10%. Whether we expect to gain or lose chips is determined by our hand equity (10%) minus our pot equity (20%), which is -10%, so we lose on average, each and every single time, 10% of our chips. When we expect to lose chips, we fold.

                    On the turn, why in the world are we betting 1000? This bet makes absolutely no sense and looks like a player just clicking buttons and not thinking anything through. A standard bet sizing on this type of board texture, against 1 opp is in the 40-50% range, so 400-500... NOT 1000. The 1000 bet also makes no sense, because if we are putting 1000 out of the 1060 we have, into the pot, why in the world are the other 60 not going in????? The best play is to bet about 400 on the turn and then shove any blank river.

                    The bottom line, our postflop decisions and bet sizes were all wrong and that cost us our stack. It was not bad luck, it was our bad plays, that were the reasons we lost the hand, because we should be checking the flop and then folding to this size of a bet from the opp.

                    When playing a hand, we need to be running this math in our heads for each and every situation. If you don't do so, you will make mistake after mistake, after mistake and any opponent that IS doing the math will be able to exploit very easily.

                    John (JWK24)

                    6 Time Bracelet Winner

                    Online Poker League
                    Can you win the leaderboard?


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                      I would have played it differently -- I fold in this spot for two reasons, 1) I don't like my position after the flop and 2) early in a tourney and these low-level buy-in's ($0.10) generally have very loose and wide-ranging hands calling with any two cards. Had I played the hand, I am NOT betting the flop with middle pair OOP (out of position) and 4 people to act behind me, additionally... this is a very wet board (offers a lot of drawing hands to stick around), the turn makes a straight for anyone with an open ender (8/10) and gutter (K/10).

                      And what JWK24 said.


                      • #12
                        Same here, the past two days been beaten by a flush Ace high, mine being the smaller flush (10, J & 5, 6). Thinking of calling with only Ace's in them.



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