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playing with morons...

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  • playing with morons...

    friday 10 pm - 200 buy in - no limit holdem

    110 players started - 20 minutes gonne

    103 players - 10.600 average chips

    side note on my play on this table
    had play 3 hands
    - AT button . raise 50 and slipt pot with QF for is AT on bb
    - pp on cutoff - no raise preflop - lost to thief ace
    - AT late pos - no raise preflop - lost to the bb

    Starting hand #12328873

    Thief 21 starts with $9,575
    QuartzForce starts with $10,863
    SteelyDan starts with $10,650
    waterman starts with $10,025
    thehazyone starts with $9,925
    CHUCK_UP starts with $9,925
    TheMoron starts with $8,200
    ESP starts with $9,850
    muck it starts with $11,300
    "spades" starts with $9,687
    "spades" has the dealer button


    "spades" dealt down Ks Kc
    Thief 21 posts the small blind $50
    QuartzForce posts the big blind $100
    SteelyDan folds
    waterman calls $100
    thehazyone folds
    CHUCK_UP folds

    TheMoron raises $100 to $200
    ESP folds
    muck it calls $200

    "spades" raises $850 to $1,050
    Thief 21 folds
    QuartzForce folds
    waterman folds

    TheMoron raises $850 to $1,900
    muck it folds

    "spades" raises $7,787 to $9,687 and is all-in
    TheMoron calls $6,300 and is all-in

    "spades" shows cards Kc Ks

    TheMoron shows cards 4h 4s

    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 2c 7h 4d ]
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Tc ]
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ Ad ]
    "spades" wins $1,487
    TheMoron wins $16,850
    TheMoron won with three of a kind, fours
    muck it: ouch
    Starting hand #12328936


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    unless players are playing on the tables under fake names there is all the reasons to reveal names

    this is a school so you better learn with your msitakes and learn about the players you play with

    dont even see whats your point on that....10 players where on that table..there is no secret or any reason to cover the real names


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      You got what most any poker player wants. You got all your money in as odds on favorite.

      Being the odds on favorite does not guarantee that you win the hand.

      He made the big mistake and got lucky. I'll take the odds on favorite everytime, but I reallize I will loose a certain per centage of the hands.

      The only alternative is to only call the others second raise and wait for the flop. With 2,4,7 flop it does not appear you could see any problem on the trash flop. You bet and get raised would you have folded? Or if the other player leads into you and you raise, what you gonna do if re-raised, fold?

      You played the hand as best as it could be played under these circumstances. It just wasn't your turn to win this one. You played a big pot on deep money. That's poker.

      It always stings when someone hits a bingo, but didn't you want him to call with the worse hand? How else are you gonna win if everyone folds everytime you bet. You'll pick-up some blinds,but later in the tournament you'll be on shallow money and almost defenseless (looking for a hand to survive)


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        Are we to assume, by your mention of the previous hands you played, that AT is a strong holding? And are we to also assume that you HAD to have a big overpair here for you to make the play you did? TheMoron got a good flop on his pp and you hand please?




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          no pg

          you supose to assume by what ive said (in the begining as a side note) that i was not raising or playing agressive, but playing carefully and passive..if you see what i mean

          never told i had strong holdings..pls dont say things i didnt even mention

          if you read carefully what ive said you will understand

          now you dont tell me you got AT on the button and you dont raise it, after you got 1 or 2 limpers on the hand with bb at 50 bucks ???

          i am saying i was not playing agressively and by my raise and reraise i was telling i had a big hand...did that

          well are absolutely right..but after been bad beat on a tournament that ive decide to reach final table, and get out in the last positions..and playing the hand the way it should be played...i can be very happy



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            Not only do you need to work on your bingo game...

            thehazyone Posted: 03 Jan 2003 22:34 Post subject:


            There is no reason to post names. Please remove them.


            You also need to work on your humor threshold.


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                At the 25-50 level I almost always muck AT in the BB after several limpers. I MAY, and it is a big MAY, limp in with AT suited on the button after several limpers early in a tournament in hopes of flopping a miracle nut hand like KQJ or a flush and trap a player who bets big with a big hand that is not the nuts. I can't see the value of raising to pick up the dead money from the limpers, because (i) it';s not that much money (does 175 really matter when you have 10K?); (ii) you likely do not raise enough to blow them off their hands; and (iii) since they like to limp, they are likely to call you even if you move in.

                Bottom line: I muck this piece of trash 99% of the time early in a tournament.


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                  Originally posted by spades
                  now you dont tell me you got AT on the button and you dont raise it, after you got 1 or 2 limpers on the hand with bb at 50 bucks ???
                  I believe Apryll was addressing this when he said:

                  Originally posted by Apryll
                  Bottom line: I muck this piece of trash 99% of the time early in a tournament.
                  My answer is different, but I'm a loose goose and not as good as Apryll.

                  First off, in my mind, the stage of tournament would not have any bearing on the matter. It would be determined by the depth of money. So, for me, with these blinds and depth of money. On the button with ATo, and a couple of limpers, I too would not raise in general, (though I may if I could pick up pot on flop or turn). Otherwise, I would usually limp on that depth of money, rather than fold as Apryll would. But if I flop something, I am cautious depending on the action. I certainly wouldn't put a lot of money in on top pair. With just top pair, I would bet if checked to me. If someone called, and we are now headsup, if there was a drawing hand out I would probably bet the turn if the draw misses. If we were still multiway taking the turn, I probably check it, but may not. I would probably fold if bet to me multiway on turn.

                  If it was bet to me on flop, I would not raise. I would either call or fold with just top pair on that depth of money, depending on overall situation.

                  Why do you think think ATo should be folded Apryll. Do you think I am making a mistake when I limp with ATo here? I think I agree that it is probably best to fold on certain depths of money, such as if it was shallower than the above example, (i.e. where, should we hit the flop, we would have to be committing whole stack if we played it. I wonder what depth of money this would be?). I also think it is best to either steal-raise or fold on even shallower money where the pot is worth stealing. But on real deep money, I don't mind limping. Is that a mistake?

                  Though I must admit, I don't think real deep money situations come up much in tournaments.


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                    When I say "early in a tournament" what I mean is when stack size in relation to blinds is pretty deep.

                    I routinely limp with AK in the first 2 rounds of tournaments, looking to flop an ace and cripple those players who value AT AJ or A9 in late position. Unless you flop AT or a straight or a flush, do you ike your hand. MAybe you like a ten hi flop and hope to trap the fish that like JT?

                    I belive in playing more hands when the money is deep, but AT is not one of them.


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                      Yes, I am going to tell you that I do not raise with AT on the button with one, two, or any number of limpers in front of me. Nor will I raise with AJ in this situation and probably not AQ. I consider all of these hands weak holding early in tournaments when the money is deep, and very likely to become trap hands. The only people you can most often expect to call a raise, will have you beaten, with a pocket pair or AK, so why charge in with something you may have to eat later? For my money, I see far too much value being put on AT, AJ, and AQ by PSO players in tournaments. Unless it's late in the game, the money is shallow and you can be very aggressive, in my opinoin, these hands, for the most part, just plain suck!!



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                        is this the same PG that called a pot raise and a pot reraise with A9s then called all in on a 9 high flop to take down a monster when they rivered a 9?


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                          Probably is, but since I don't remembe, like you seem to, every hand I've ever played, there is most likely some details that you left out. If I did indeed call those raises, you can be assured there were reasons, either, my stack size, the action that made the call viable, or possibly the player making the raise. Since you have such great recall of every hand I've ever played, perhaps you can supply the left out details ?



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                            ok lets see blinds 75/150 all players involed 9-11k stacks

                            UTG raises pot (loosish player but not manaic)
                            2 UTG you calls

                            MP ironside raises pot
                            all fold including UTG
                            PG calls
                            flop 3c6h9s
                            you check i raise all in
                            you call with A9d
                            i throw my QQ into muck when 9 hits river.

                            one of those poker hand when you love the play but hate the result its poker.


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                              ps it was last day of month about 5 months ago
                              it was raining outside i was wearing red t-shirt

                              and after the call on flop you had 225$ left enough to see a max of 3 hands.