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Stars Account Security Features

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  • Stars Account Security Features

    We all use passwords to access our Stars accounts. Well, there are more account security features available. Get stronger Stars account security with advanced protection!
    Strong passwords and a combination of security options are the key to your personal information, gameplay and money stored on your account.

    To reduce the risk of unauthorised access to your account, check out additional security features we offer. Give no chances to keyloggers and phishers to steal your data.

    - Stars PIN

    It is a 6-digit code issued by us, similar to the PIN you enter in a keypad at cash machines or in stores. You will need to enter it each time you log in and may also be required when completing certain activities within the game, such as cashier-related transactions.

    - RSA Security Token

    It is a piece of hardware issued by us, in addition to your password (the most secure available option – highly recommended). You can order it through our Rewards Store by using StarsCoin (My Stars >> Rewards Store >> Security >> Security Token).

    The RSA Security Token will help to combat keyloggers by requiring someone logging into the account to have the RSA Security Token physically with them. This is known as "two-factor authentication": something you know (your password) and something you have (your token).

    - SMS Security Options

    Login validation via SMS is designed to enhance the security of your account whenever you log in. By enabling this feature, you will also be alerted through SMS anytime potential irregularities are detected by our security systems.

    To review and adjust your security options, simply log in to your Stars account and open the following menus from the main lobby:

    Settings >> Account Details
    Menu (Android) or More (iOS) >> Settings & Tools >> Login Security Settings

    TIP: We suggest you using a combination of security features, for example, password and Stars PIN or password and RSA Security Token or password, Stars PIN and SMS Login Validation.

    Here are some more security tips for safe account keeping…
    • Never let the system remember any of your passwords. While systems provide this as a matter of convenience, this is the most common 'hack'.
    • Password-protect your Windows system so that when it goes to sleep, you have to enter a password to get back in.
    • Do not write your password down where somebody can find it.
    • Do not leave your account logged on if others can access your computer/device.
    • Always choose a strong password.
    • Never use a word that can be found in a dictionary.
    • Never use User ID, names of kids or friends, birthdays or a password related to the site.
    • Make it lengthy (at least 8 characters long), the longer the password, the more secure it is.
    • Combine letters, numbers and symbols.
    • Never share your Stars account password with anyone. You would not let someone else access your online banking account, so why let someone else access your Stars account?
    • Do not use the same password in any two locations. We understand it makes it easy to have the same password everywhere but it also makes it easy for hackers.
    • When changing passwords, never re-use an older password, nor any variant of it.
    • Do not fall prey to scams and hustles where others want to access your account. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If someone chats with you online claiming to be your close buddy who wants a and ask first.
    • Never log into Windows to play poker as 'Administrator' or equivalent. Use a restricted user account to ensure keyloggers or Trojans have a much more difficult time gaining access.
    • Windows Firewall will not protect you sufficiently, as it only blocks attacks from the outside from getting in. Use (exactly) one of the following: Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, Kaspersky. Additionally, use at least two good spyware scanners.
    • Virus/Trojan/Spyware Scanners only detect things they know about. It is still possible to catch a customized piece of spyware or a keylogger that has never been reported to the scanner authors. Thus, exercise good judgment when deciding what to download.
    • Here is the hard one: do not play from anybody else's computer/device. Consider this: You go to all the trouble to protect your computer/device and Stars account with the steps we have outlined above. Now you sit down at somebody else's laptop/device and type in your user ID and password.

    We hope this information has been helpful. If you have more ideas about how to secure our Stars accounts, feel free to share below!
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    I know you can't ask for or post passwords but how are they issued?Is it only a select few that get passwords?


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      Originally posted by baybye View Post
      I know you can't ask for or post passwords but how are they issued?Is it only a select few that get passwords?
      Are you referring to passwords for School's tourneys?


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        Originally posted by HostSimonD View Post

        Are you referring to passwords for School's tourneys?
        There are none for school tourneys.

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