13mins before felt off l feel like l've got load to time compared to the usual 4min break post.

l missed posting yesterday the breaks got filled with bits and pieces yesterday.

25th in the 4k gutted to run my crazy 88s into the Ladies QQ

38th in the 2.5k got in with a thin edge vs live cards dang.

Had a monster edge in one of my regular CAPs - "in caps we trust" the chips went in on the turn l was a solid 95% favourite House crazy 88s vs KTo blind vs blind on a T833 board 80bb of chips in the middle with 100 players left a stack on offer with serious final table bankroll boost potential in the 3k CAP well you guessed it T on the river dang.

Got through the bubble in my other regular 2k CAP with serious ninja mode it was actually lots of fun to play.

Made some sick calls with reads to get chips also lots of fun and excitment when you manage to make a read out of your reads that pays off.

Moral of the story is - if you keep getting in ahead more times than you get in behind its a zombie no brainer you will end up ahead. Sometimes its hard to feel that way but if you are playing daily and putting in the volume thats just gospel.

Keep getting in ahead it's a zombie no brainer!

Keep Knocking the door will open.

GL at the tables todays a new day anything can happen the MAGIC of thinking big!