Gimp sleeps in on Monday of all days! Which is server Sunday! l must have needed it!

Gives me time to post out of the 5 min break for once.

l know l'm close l feel l'm close l'm one hold away l can feel it in my waters! Got the 8k Gtd mtt down to 30s yesterday spots were hard to find with some LAGs to my right l found one got in ahead but it was live cards against live cards which is always bite the block of wood time! Still l was really happy with it and l find myself getting down to that stage daily in at least one of my MTTs so l feel a decent boost is around the corner. 

l final tabled the Premier League Qualifier (PLQ) which keeps my ranking a solid #47 well under the #200 to keep my Premier League (PL) ticket next month just in case l have a bad run.

PL l'm holding a respectable #184 well under the cutoff #500 after my 2nd place early in the month l've had two cashed from memory. Yesterday started well l stacked two early to setup a chance at a deep run but missed the boat. 

Keep knocking the poker gods will open!

GL at the tables all!