After the daily 10 hour session l'm always shot to post, always find myself doing it on the 5min break next day!

The crazy 88s went hugh yesterday cracked AA KK for a big boost which drove us real deep in an MTT the medieval princess cut us down in the end but at that point you know you get that feeling is this the one? When you play large field MTT it's always a winning day when you get a deep run going.

Keep Knocking! The door will open!

lt's only a matter of time each deep run gives you a shot at that critical couple of races holding up for the big finish.

PL (Premier League) and PLQ (Premier League Qualifier) both crashed out DANG! lt happens, no stress no drama, we battle on today.

Great concept the PL you get all month to battle it out brilliant Poker Stars!

My Caps crashed yesterday but my Mate congrates to him Neil he final tabled it for a decent score and a great bankroll boost for him! l'm sure he's shipping my cut as we type!

In caps we trust!

Tables are popping up again breaks over!

GL at the tables may the medieval princess be good to us today!

Next time you look down at the CRAZY 88s link Kill Bill hall way scence with Lucy leading the team down and PUSH those crazy 88s with confidence!