I have finally done it! I have cleared my first bonus on a pokersite. These bonuses are just like buses, so when I cleared my first bonus I also cleared the second one! I have half of the PSO $20 bonus cleared and I have the  first stellar award cleared on Pokerstars. These were good enough to clear $20 into my account and I now have 340 fpp's. I don't really know what to do with the fpp's yet, if anyone has any ideas as to what is the best way to turn these into cash please let me know.

I also played in a first depositors freeroll open only to UK & Ireland players with  £10,000 added. I finished 217th for £9.50 but I was disappointed seeing as the field was soft and the payout was so good. Unfortunately I went card dead for the whole tournament and I had to survive on scraps. That equated to another $14.50 for the bankroll.

The 5c/10c cash games have been up and down to say the  least! One day I would be up $10 the next I am down the same amount. Overall since I started at this new limit I am up a good bit but I just really want to continue this pace. If you want to check my stats I have found this great site for looking up players stats at cash tables for free:


My progress since I came home from the US is from 9,000 hands onwards. This site is my main motivation to improve as I really want to get out of the red and into the black. At the moment I have $168.02 so hopefully I can improve on this.