Since I am trying to get this stellar reward before the end of the year, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get a 100% reload bonus off  PSO (pokerschool online). PSO are linked up with Pokerstars and If you complete the core quiz and sit'n'go quiz you are eligible for a 100% reload bonus up to $20. So I breezed through the quizzes (93% in both!) and then withdrew $20 from my account so I could re-deposit and get the bonus. I need to earn 250 fpp's for each $10 so this will run nicely with my earning of the stellar reward as I have around 250 fpp's left to earn this.

Also with all these fpp's flying in I decided to use some of them to earn a few tournament $'s on Pokerstars. I registered for a 70 fpp 10 man tournament with 1st place getting an $11 ticket to the Sunday 1/4 million. I ran well in this and took it down after a yo-yo heads up battle. Seeing as I already have a ticket for the Sunday 1/4 million I now had $11 tournament $'s. I proceeded to play two $2.20 HU S&G's and won both to put an extra $8 in my real money account.

So on Sunday with nothing else to do I decided to use my Sunday 1/4 million ticket. I registered 30mins late so I had to get busy. A few hands in, I bluffed big time in a battle of the blinds, it just felt that he was posturing. this nearly doubled my starting stack. Then I got very lucky with K-10 vs AK to double up again. I was now 1,000th out of 33,000 players. I went card dead for an eternity and just survived by picking off the blinds every once and a while. I made the cash ok and then I went into survival mode. I was extremely short stacked for the rest of the tourney but won a few crucial coin flips to end up finishing 616th for $93.10. Not a bad return on a free ticket! Thanks very much Pokerstars!

This has left my account looking very rosy and now there is no real chance of me going broke at the 5c/10c tables. It gives me a bit of breathing space and hopefully more chance to play mtt's and S&G's. Until next time, lectures call!