A bit has happened since my last post. I had a big test coming up in college so I decided to withdraw all my funds from Pokerstars. That was a grand total of $51.05 with $10 of this going back into my moneybookers account,the rest back into my bank account. After the test (in which i did quite well in I hope!) I put the moneybookers money back on the site and continued the grind at the 1c/2c tables. Worked this up to $16 and then this is where the fun began!!

I have always had a fixation with the Pokerstars fpp's and my new goal is to gain the first stellar reward which mean I have to collect 750 fpp's over the year. If I get the fpp's I will the get a $10 reward. So,what better way to earn fpp's than to move up stakes!! I moved up to 5c/10c full ring games putting $8 at stake first. This quickly disappeared!! I just didn't realise the difference in playing at this level. The bluffing and calling off was crazy! Massive shoves pre flop with A-8 and 22. So I had to re-adjust and I did!! I put my whole bankroll on the line but it paid off as I came out of red and into black ending the day with $22 in the account and more importantly some fpp's in it as well!

It was then onwards and upwards from there. My account is now at $50 again and I now feel comfortable at the 5c/10c tables. Also I have earned 220 fpp's this month and 456 fpp's for the year. So I need 294 fpp's to gain my stellar award. I could also gain silverstar vip status but don't think I'll be able to keep up the pace I have already set. Anyway back to the grind!