All has been flying online. I have worked my bankroll up to $50 through grinding the 1c/2c tables and using some sit'n'go tickets I acquired to good use. I have been playing the £2,000 Daily Giveaway for UK & Irish players on Pokerstars. They reward you for the more tourneys you play:

Tiered Rewards
Level Freeroll tourneys completed Reward*
1 3 $1.20 S&G ticket
2 6 $2.20 cash credit
3 9 $3.40 S&G ticket
4 12 $5.50 cash credit
5 15 Sunday $1/4 Million ticket

So far I have played 13 tourneys and I have availed of the bonuses. I failed to cash with the $1.20 S&G ticket but I made amends for that by winning the 9 man $3.40 S&G for $13.50. It was a great return on a free ticket!

I also played in a few Sunday competitions that had some nice prizes going in them. I played in a RFU freeroll where there were some rugby tickets up for grabs, $1.20 S&G tickets and Pokerstars baseball caps. I finished 11th out of 399 players for a S&G ticket. I then went on to win the S&G for a further $4.50. I also played in the WBCOOP $5,000 Halloween freeroll but got nowhere in that. The reason why I have the Pokerstars banner across this page was to gain entry to the competition.

I haven't played live since my 2nd place finish in the D.C.U game but I might this week. There is a scalps tourney which is always good for a few euro! The poker society arn't doing their freeroll for some reason,which is a big loss as many players turn out for this and continue to go throughout the year. Anyway better get back to the grind. Laters.