Hi,I might as well give a short introduction. I'm Conor a 20 yr old student. I am studying actuarial mathematics in DCU and I am going into my 3rd year. Now on to what this blog is going to be about.

My big passion is poker. As I do a mathematics based course I enjoy the maths behind it and the money is nice too! I have played poker for two years and I'm a member of the DCU poker society. I play online on Pokerstars and,as of yesterday,Walker poker. In nearly everything internet based I do zwemnaar is my username,so with poker this is no different. This blog will be about my trials and tribulations with regards to poker,both online and live.

 Now my reason for doing this blog. I have done blogs before but they were on poker communitys. I was away all summer in America and played no poker at all,so now I see this as a fresh start. I want to document my progress as I once again try to grind out a bankroll from nothing. So hop on and join The Chronicles Of Zwemnaar.