Patience and moods seem to be the hardest things to control for me lately. I get over tired from daily events and it carries over to the poker table. Quite often I get home from work and I either have had a hard day or have not had a good nights rest the night before and even though I know I should be wary of this being a bad influence on my thought process while playing poker, I continue on making bad plays. Sometimes I figure that I am just playing against someone who thinks any two cards is good enough to go all in on and I forget that there are better starting hands than what I have got.
                Last Saturday I had JJ and a player who had gone all in twice earlier and stole the blinds raised me to 400, I re-raised to 1000 and he re-raised to all in this was early in the tournament and I should have folded.  Instead I went all in and he had QQ and sent me packing early.
                The next tourney same thing, I had KK and bet 1000 and was re-raised all in and went for it and the other player had AA, out I go again. So I wait for the next tourney and try to keep in my brain that it is better to fold and try to get further in the tourney before making large bets.
                So this time  I make it to about the 2/3rdmark and get AK suited and go all in eventually against a player who it turns out has  J10 unsuited. I had half my chips in before the flop and the flop came ragged with a J and two small cards so I go all in and get called the turn brings an A and I am feeling really good. The river of course brings a J and out I go again.
                During this whole process I of course was thinking that it was just bad luck. I was having a bad stretch and was making good calls. After the third loss I gave up for the day. I was not enjoying myself and  finally figured that if I kept going I was going to land myself down in the bottom 10% of the standings from the top 20%.
                It was a hard thing to do (giving up for the day) as I usually only have time for one tourney every couple of days during the week due to work. The weekends are usually when I can make up points and fine tune my game by playing a lot of tourneys.
                The next day I realized that I had been playing tired and angry. Making bad calls and blaming everything but myself. The thing is I had done this two weekends in a row. It was like my grey matter had turned to jello and the ability to see what I had been doing this weekend was exactly what I was doing wrong the weekend before. The beauty of the league is that I have been in fact learning to recognize these bad tendencies. Except for the two Sundays back to back that I fell into this habit. I had in fact not done this for quite a few months.
                I had not cost me any money and slowly I am breaking bad habits and learning to recognize when I am tired or my emotions are controling my thoughts. I sometimes play a few games online before going to the local casino to play f to f. judging how I am playing and thinking  online before spending real money downtown.
                My patience for others that are playing badly is improving due to these episodes where I regress back to rookie mistakes. Thanks to the PSO I am making more money in the long run f to f and am getting more consistant in my playing online. I have a long ways to go before ever thinking about playing on a daily basis at the casino. I know however that I will get there.