The Silver Lining

I have been playing poker for four years. I thought in the beginning that I would attain success very quickly, but it has been something that has evaded me. My two best scores came within one week, during Micromillions 6. I had one final table, finishing 4th out of 13,600 and three days later I took 2nd out of 640 in a Friday night tournament for Canadians. The winner of that tournament got a prize package for the PCA 2014. It was a hard blow to take, missing out on my opportunity to gamble in the sun, but I survived it. I did not get unlucky at the end of that tournament. I was outplayed.

A couple of months ago I won a small 3.30 + Rebuy on Full Tilt for $240 and have since lost it all back...I am completely busto...

I have been hearing a number of perspectives on the new year. Grand plans to change everyone's life. Personally I want to do something more achievable – one succinct goal – to achieve silver star status and never let it go.

Poker is my hobby and my passion. I find the game fascinating because although at first glance the game seems simple it is incredibly intricate and even beautiful. It possesses all of the terror and shocking lack of forgiveness that is so present in the natural world.

I have an uncle who, very successfully, plays the stock market. The first thing we discussed when I told him I played poker is that poker is a “Zero-Sum Game.” That is, the sum of everyone's wins and losses equals zero. Most people who discuss the game with me see that aspect as its fundamental flaw. Nothing is created by playing poker, only redistributed.

I couldn't disagree more.

Stories are created by poker. A burning desire to better one's play, and even hope that with enough self discipline and relentless determination we can change our luck, or more specifically make our own luck.

The final things I have to say is this – the real silver lining of this game is the memories its creates and the hope it gives – I'm going to shoot for the stars in 2015.