I've struggled with my play, but usually with the same results. Bust! I've had my moments. I've won the "Big One" round 1 6 times. Due to my computer freezing up on me, forgetting it was Saturday until it was too late, forgetting the tourny all together, I only got to play 1 or 2 round 2 tournys. End result Bust! I hadn't won another round 1 for about a month. I decided to go to Poker School. Why not "What could it hurt". I read the first section and it showed me I was doing some fundamental differences than how I usually play and than it was time for another round 1 to start. Take my first lesson and see what happens. It was my easiest round 1 I had ever won. I ended up with about 250,000. It was a more fulfilling win than any of the other ones. Then I read section 2, played another round 1 and had a meltdown. So here I am and just read section 3, took the test and failed miserably. Time for another round 1 to start, so Im gonna play , but come back and start over at section 2. Thanks PokerStars for having this school for dummies like me.