Today I decided to do some 1 on 1 in the play cash tables of Hold'em Room Fun Vesta X (1 on 1)

To sum it up in a qoute of a player who decided to take his winnings and leave...

"you're a donk, Go play checkers you rook"

Which I will admit I didn't play at all as well as I normally play. Over all losing about 1,200 play chips in total. But besides the player above (comment) the rest were really decent and solid players.  I enjoy playing against people who are better then me as it gives me a way to one-up my skills in order to stay alive.

And today I learned that I have to be way more tighter as a player and ignore the "what if," voice when someone bets 2-3 times pot when I am looking at a possible flush and there is 2 Aces on the flop.

Too I would like to know and commend the last person I played a Vesta X for opening a all in bet that turned my losses from 2,400 to 1,200.  I was content on leaving the rest of my play chips with him or her.  They profited about  1,300 chips from me, and the winnings I got from others.


I'll be back in a bit ^^