This WBCOOP promotion sounds fun.   Blog a little, tweet a little, play some poker, and potentially win some prizes.

So, the question;   "What you would do with $5,000 if you won the WBCOOP Best Blogger prize"

Is my answer binding?  I would lay some pretty heavy odds that few of these answers are sincere, and this is actually a creative writing competition, more than an interesting answer competition.   I'm sure the winner will have a very admirable response, noting charity,  family, hungry children, or other do-goodedness... but will they follow through, or go degenerate with the winnings?   After-all,  degens gotta degen, right?

Should I win, I will follow through with the attached.  Really, I will.    If I found $5k on the street I wouldn''t do this.   Were I to win $5k in some MTT  I wouldn't do this.   In any other situation I wouldn't do this.   I will however focus this money in a few ways, on a few things I have interest in.

1. Yet another poker site.   Yeah, I know.   This is the last thing the world needs, but it will give me an excuse to apply some software development skills, and learn a thing or two about web development, and poker.   I have ideas in mind for some poker tools, and will use some of this money to fund the first two years of the site.
2. Replacement desktop.   Boring, I know, but needed.   My laptop is ok, my desktop isn't, and my back preferes the desktop.  
3. Ten $100+ buyins.   I play micro stakes exclusively.   I am a bankroll nit, not a gambler my nature, and have forever hung out throwing pennies around the virtual tables.   I will however use this opportunity to take a shot.    I'm not sure if I'd play MTTs, SNGs, though likely SNGs.   Regardless of how I perform, I will play exactly ten $100+ buyin matches, and then assess what it all means.   I'll even commit to writing a fantastic blog about the ten matches after the fact.    Getting excited thinking about that?
4. RESP.   Yeah, I gotta look after the kiddies.   Registered Education Savings Plan.  I'll drop $2k in that for my kids.   I'd be lieing if I said I'd commit it all to poker goodness.   The kiddies have to be considered.
5.   What are we at now... $4k+ anyway, right?    Whatever is left is going into memberip on some poker trainging site (Cardrunners, Tournmament Poker Edge, etc).   I can certainly use the help.   Hmmm... Maybe I should be this before playing those ten tournaments noted above.   Yeah, I think I'll do that.   I'll set the money aside, put in a few months of training, and then donk off the poker moneys I set aside.

Did I win?   Yeah right.    No creative writing skills + No poker skills +  No social media skills = not going viral, and certainly not winning no $5k blogging contest. back to splashing around pennies at the micro tables.   Good luck in the WBCOOP!