I am a break even player.   Honestly, I am.   I've been playing online for about six years, and haven't deposited out of pocket for at least four.     I however haven't cashed out anything significant, a few hundred here and there.    As I said, I am a break even player.

In many ways, being break even is worse than losing.   Were I losing, I would likely go bust, lose interest, and move onto other things.   At the point I am in my life, I cannot invest significant amounts of time in improving my game play, so sucking would force the issue.      Being break-even however makes this more complicated.   Theoretically, I can play forever, watching money move here and there, up and down, left and right, and go absolutely nowhere.   The car's in neutral, regardless of how hard I press on the gas.

Acknowledging that I don't have the time required to invest in becomming a great player, I've decided to find time to improve.   I once studied the game, and my play of the game, and used the tools learned to get where I am (break-even hell).  

I've decided to focus on cash NLHE.   I enjoy most games, most formats,  though cash provides the freedom to check in and out quickly, playing session lengths that my schedule can allow.   I don't have the bandwidth for tournaments in my life.

So, let the studying begin.   M