I chose to write about "Heads Up" by Spacgravy because it's probably the area of everyones game that gets the least practice for the simple reason that to actually get to heads up play you have to still be one of the last two players still standing. Even the best players, which I'm most definitely not, won't get to heads up play as often as they would like or as they need to become truly proficient in this area of the game. For this reason I think that almost everyone, if they are truly honest with themselves aren't as comfortable playing heads up as they would like to be. They simply don't get enough practice at this part of their game.


Spacegravy talks his way through his thought processes as he plays heads up against players of various ability levels, explaining why he is makng the plays as he makes them. So that the next time you find yourself playing heads up, you will have a better framework to evaluate your decisions which will not only help you make better decisions but lower you stress levels as well which will also help your game.

One word of advice, this is the final video in a series by Spacegravy on Sit'n'Go's. To get the most out of this video, first watch the other videos in their proper order. You will be glad that you did.