First of all, thank you for using your time to read the first post on my blog, which I guarantee will continue for atleast until next year, semi-activily.

Im finnish poker-amateur, and my dream come true would be to win any EPT tournament ( of course my biggest dream would be to win WSOP, but that´s not gonna happen ). Right now I´m trying to earn some money from freerolls and 10c S'n'G´s. I play mostly PSO freerolls, but from time to time also Facebook freerolls ( passwords can be found here: When I really try to play PSO´s, I basically always get to money finishes. I have played poker about 2 weeks now, and gotten once like 15c from PSO´s ( I play like 0-2 per day ) and 60c from one private freeroll. I´ve had twice over two dollars, but I lost them both times because I started to play 10 player 1+.15 $ Double or Nothing tournaments and got two major suck-outs ( lost AKo and in other game lost AQ suited ).

By the way, if you go to look my PSO stats, I know that they suck. But that´s mostly because I usually play those 10c S'n'G´s same time, or because  I register to it two hours before and then I forget that I registered.

Here´s some tips ( though most of these are pretty basic ):

1. In early game, try to play every hand with atleast Q or higher. Later in game blinds are bigger, and you really need something to win. 
2. If you have AQ, AK, AA or KK in early game, always push all-in or raise like 500. PSO´s are full of newbies who calls to it with hands like QJ and K 10.
3. Remember, any pocket has higher probability to win than any none-pocket hand. So 22 wins AK suited most of the time ( even though its like 60-40 chances ).
4. If you have even decent hand, always raise so players with not-so-good hands won´t get a chance to see the flop ( and hit like pair or straight draw etc. ).
5. Later on game, when blinds are 1K/2K or more, try to bluff as many blinds as possible. They give you over 6K (antes included), which is pretty much.
6. In final table, don´t try to win every hand, just try to hang on until others have dropped out. When there is 5 or less people still on, start playing really.
7. Don´t ever-EVER- play those 2c 990 people Hyper-Turbos. You most probably dont win in them; it starts from 500 chips and blinds increases like every 1-2min.
8. Play wisely, dont go to 1.15 $ Sit'n'Go´s before you have atleast 10$. Play 10c and 25c tournaments until that.

Hope you enjoyed and learned something while reading this!