Hi all,


   So...I just finished watching Chris' training session. 


I posted the link here, idk maybe there's an easier way to do this, but this is my first time blogging. Ever! This is all new to me.

We are joining the action in the midlle phase of the MTT just before it enters the bubble .Chris played in the big 4.40$ and on blinds 350/700 held   in the SB. Everyone folded to the CO who raised 2k. The BTN folded and Chris folded s well. The thing is, Chris only had about 16BB and he could have pushed. There were a lot of opinions on that hand and I think the lay down was the correct decision even though the decision was dubious.  He grinded away and then he got AQo ...Push came to shove and 3 players went all in, P1 holding , P2 holding  and P3 holding . Then came                    . Truly a monster hand worth 40k in chips for P3 who was preety loose. Chris ofc folded his AQo. It was an easy fold. But the very next hand he held KQo on the BTN and the BB called with A9 eliminating Chris. I think he didn't get in the money, which is a shame. 

Anyway, the video is great because:

1.) Chris seems to be an ok guy and he knows what he's doing

2.) He plays with conviction which was great for me because I'm a fish (unfortunatly) and I learned a lot from the video...

This was the first video I watched here on PSO and I'm sure I'll watch more...Check out the video if you haven't already ..

Respect to Chris "ChewMe1" and thanks for reading...