So I budgeted $30 and 3 days to train up (take Friday-Sunday to read poker guides and watch professional games) and play as many freerolls and small $ games (no more that $2) as I could. I must have played nearly 40 tourneys and just as many Sit & Go tables (I'm in love with these!!). I won the NAPL Rookie tourney (although I'm not sure how to use the ticket... I had some technical issues when using the ticket). I also got in the money for 2 tourneys (although I am playing small $ limits so it wasn't much). All in all, I think I've invested my money well... now I'm going to just work the micro bankroll angle and play games that give me VPP (so I can earn those cash sign-up bonuses). But for now, my REAL life waits for me come Monday.