Hello PSO.


I was playing in a 10.20 Hyper HU Shootout recently (I play hyper HU from time to time as a very good friend is a high stakes HU player and he has given me a lot of tips) and managed to run very deep. I was down to the final 8 when on the very first hand I picked up KK. My opponent openshoved on me and I snap-called! He flipped over Q3 (both hearts) and the board ran out J9335. A terrible beat to be sure, and one that immediately cost me 110 dollars and potentially up to 500. I cashed in 5th place for 80 bucks. I was very annoyed because I had been playing very well but variance is something I'm used to. I've been recently trying to grind 180man turbos and the amount of beats I give and receive on the daily have de-sensitized me to them. 

This brings me to my most recent deep run, which just finished. I leave for a trip tomorrow and have had some personal problems/issues lately that have left me super stressed and very restless. I couldn't sleep tonight and I was craving action, so I decided to give the 6man Hypers another go. I have played a couple of them ever since I shipped one for$1060 earlier this year and have managed to do pretty well over a short sample size. Tonight luck was on my side. I was the chipleader almost the entire way but disaster struck with about 40 players left. I lost 70/30s two times in a row with pocket pairs and I was crippled and in 33/37. I shoved 46 from the button and got called by A6. The flop came AKT. I was done for. The turn came a 4. The river came a 4. I'M IN THE MIX BABY LET'S DO IT! After dishing out a brutal suckout I picked spots and played the hands I got, including back to back QQ to retake the tournament lead with 15 players left. When we were down to 8 players disaster struck again! I got caught trying to steal with K6 by AK... I managed to spike a 6! This left me as the comfortable chipleader going into the final table.

It was fairly uneventful and standard and when we were 3handed the stacks were all pretty even so we elected to deal. I had the slight advantage so I took home 500 and change. Post deal I managed to quickly dispose of the other two players and take it down for the TLB points and the glory. I'm super pumped to have another decent score, another tournament win, and I apparently need to keep playing 6-max hypers since I run like a god in them .

In conclusion my message to players who are frustrated about variance is to embrace it. Poker would be a pretty boring game if every time I had KK and you had AA we were automatically awarded our share of the pot based on equity. The aspect of luck is what keeps everyone interested in the game, and casual interest is very good for those of us who understand poker on a finer level. Sometimes your KK will lose to Q3, but sometimes you will go runner runner and spike a 2-outer and ship a tournament the next day

See you at the next final table!