Good evening!



This TCOOP series had been pretty frustrating for me thusfar. I was busy on some of the days I had been planning to play on, and in the 2 events I had played I hadn't been able to get anything going. On the plus side I didn't have to use much money, as I satellited/used FPP to play in events 7 and 21. Today I was grinding 180s and then threw in some MTTs and was having an awful day. I had maybe 1 mincash out of something like 30 tournaments, which was very disappointing because a few of them had looked quite promising before I misplayed/ran into bad luck. I played in both deadline satellites to event 27 and managed to cash in 1 and bubble the other. I was in! 

On the very 2nd hand of the tournament I doubled up when my QQ went in agasint a villians AJ. I continued to play a tight and agressive style against my table, but I knew I would have to start opening up if I wanted to build a stack on my table. After a few juicy spots I found myself in 7/3500 runners and I knew I could build a stack by picking my spots against the shortstacks who wanted to gamble. I kept building my stack and wielding it to chip up when I got myself involved in the following hand:

I opened up with 89hh from the cutoff and I was basically min 3-bet by a VERY tight player in the SB. I knew he had a big hand so I had no problem calling with the price I was getting. I flopped a gut-shot and a backdoor flush draw, so I floated with the intention of re-evaluating on the turn. I turned my flush draw and when he bet again for a little less than half-pot I decided to semi-bluff jam. He folded and I kept looking for spots to dominate the weaker players. 

Very near to the money bubble I was dealt JJ. I had one of the tournament chip-leaders to my immediate left, and he had been jamming on me every single time I opened anything so I was hoping for the same. He folded but the BB looked me up. On a J37ss flop he jammed, and I snapped him off with top set. He had QJ with no draw so by the turn he was drawing dead. I found myself in 82/720 when the bubble burst.

I went very card-dead and got bullied in the few spots I tried to get agressive. I nursed my shortstack by jamming in good spots, including jamming 11BB from the SB with QJo into a min-raise from the button, an open-shoving 77 from MP with 10 BB. Eventually I was in push/fold mode with less than 200 runners left. I was greeted with 88 in Early position when I had about 7 BBs left and I knew it was go time. I used what was left of my timebank to try and reach the next moneyjump and got it in. I was called in 2 spots by players holding JJ and QQ. I wasn't able to hit my miracle 2-outer, and I was out in 163rd place, good for a cash of $353.23. This is my 2nd biggest cash of the new-year! 



I was a little bit dissappointed to not be able to go very deep, but considering I paid 7.50 for my entrance fee I can't complain. I'll see you guys at the next final table!