I found myself in this spot and I would like to know how you would play this hand. I had no meaningful stats on the Villian. 



I 4-bet to put pressure on the player caught between me and the button, he folded and the button flatted my 4-bet. I think we can mostly rule out KK and AA because of that, unsure about QQ. When he calls my C-bet (unsure about my sizing, I think I should have bet a bit bigger.) I have a very interesting turn decision.

How would you play it? 

I feel like there is pretty much 1 option, and that's jamming. Unfortunately I didn't do that, I punted the turn with a small bet and got check-raised all-in and was priced into calling. Villain flipped over Ac10c and I faded the river. I am not a results oriented player, and this hand represents a leak of mine. I play marginal spots badly. I happened to take down the pot but I think I should have jammed the turn.

What do you think?