Welcome back, to quickly recap, I accidentally registered for a 5.10 Hyper, (wanted to play a 5.50 Hyper HU Shootout) and I managed to catch some good spots, win flips, and get lucky all the way to my first Stars final table.


On the third hand of the final table I was presented with an interesting spot.

I got out of the way after not hitting the flop, but I couldn't resist calling preflop getting such a good price. The 6th place player took home $198.00 and with that we were down to 5.

After about 5 hands of play I found myself in a very confusing spot. Looking back on this hand I'm still not sure if my call is good or not. Let me know your take in the comments.

I found myself down to less than 3 Big blinds after that hand, and due to the size of the remaining stacks everybody was playing super tight due to prize jumps.  I was dealt an A5o and stuck the rest of my stack in. I got looked up from the BB with an A7 and...

Bink! Sucked out on the flop and found myself back in the mix. I was still the shortstack so when the action folded to me in the SB with A5o again, I jammed it.

I held up, found myself with 9BB and more importanly was in 2nd place. The next 2 hands found me with A7 in the button, and KQo on the cutoff and I jammed both of them. Everyone folded both times and I was almost tied for the chiplead with 13 BBs.

The next hand a shortstack jammed 88 into the chipleaders K7 and 88 held. I went from having 2.5 BBs to being the chipleader in 2 orbits!

A couple of hands later 44 was jammed into Q7, 44 held up and we were down to 4. The original chipleader of the final table went out in 5th for 303.84.

The next interesting hand had me using a stop and go semi bluff to make the villian have to really consider payout jumps. I certainly could have jammed all in pre-flop but his 3x open seemed like it could be a mid-sized pocket pair and I wanted to see a flop to get more information. 

Three hands later I knocked out a shortstack when my A10 held up against his 65s. The very next hand my A8 held up against K3 and we were down to 2.  I had around 2.5 million chips and the other player had about 1.9 million chips and we elected to go for a deal. This left the tournament leader board points and glory to fight for and after about 20 hands of back and forth action (including my A2 vs an A5 that had a river chop that kept me alive) the tournament came down to 1 hand. 

I held up! Here's how we finished, with the deal included.

1: Z3phramrill (Canada), $1,072.85 (14.9%)
2: Aaralynn (Mexico), $1,033.15 (14.349%)
3: boytjuh23 (Netherlands), $680.40 (9.45%)
4: nunesri84 (Portugal), $464.40 (6.45%)
5: 1TeQ99IlA5 (Austria), $303.84 (4.22%)
6: xubox (Brazil), $198.00 (2.75%)

It feels great to get the monkey off my back, both for winning a tournament and for making a final table on Stars. I never dreamed it would happen so soon after starting my blog, or that it would be in a Hyper (I have vowed to be much more careful reading the Lobby from now on...)

I immediately cashed out a portion of my winnings so that I could buy myself a new tablet. I can't wait to download the pokerstars App and try out mobile play on my new Nexus 7! 

Thanks for reading and see you at the next final table!