Just a quick update for you guys. I moved up to 5NL for the cash game challenge, ran poor and played atrociously bad and went back down to 2NL. WIll definitely have some hands to post later this week, just very busy atm. 


I have been kind of slacking with tournaments, especially since I qualified for the Premier Skill League this month. I've basically only played those with a few other random tourneys but I couldn't sleep this morning so I got out of bed and played some tournaments. I didn't do to well in most of them but I did manage to finally get to a Final Table! 

I accidentally registered for a 5.10 Hyper Turbo, I wanted to play the 5.50 Heads up Hyper turbo instead, so when the table launched I was pretty annoyed. I actually play pretty well shortstacked, but my bankroll certainly isn't high enough to be non-stop firing 5 dollar Hyper Turbos, which are huge in variance.

This was the first important hand that really got my stack going

That hand catapulted me to the top 10 in terms of stack size, and I never left the top 10 from that point onwards.

I have no delusions of amazing play, I played standard spots and won my flips for the most part. These 2 hands show how well I was running all tourney long.

After weaving my stack down to the last 2 tables with very aggressive play I found myself on the bubble.

And With that, I was on to my first final table.

Blinds: 30 000/60 000, 12000 Ante

Seat 1: Aaralynn (731896 in chips)
Seat 2: xubox (556087 in chips)
Seat 3: 1TeQ99IlA5 (1228436 in chips)
Seat 4: nunesri84 (552333 in chips)
Seat 5: Z3phramrill (834354 in chips)
Seat 6: boytjuh23 (416894 in chips)

At this point I was feeling pretty solid about my chances for a top 3  finish. A top 2 finish would be my biggest cash ever. In part 2 I will show some of the spots from the Final Table. 

Thanks for reading

- Z3ph