Hi, I'm Z3phramill. You can call me Z3ph for short. I've been playing poker for a few years as a way to have some fun with my Dad. I recently decided to take the game seriously and I have made a ton of progress both with my poker game and my mental game. I play 5NL, 10NL and micro tournies with the occasional shot in a bigger tourney.

I have been playing very well in tournaments lately and have managed some decent scores. I got 34th place in the Big 2.20 a couple of weeks ago for a 20 dollar cash. I came 14th in a 2.20 6max last week for 48 dollars. Both of these tournaments left me with a strange feeling, I was happy but not satisfied. I could taste the final table, and I've been hungry for more.

Today I played in an assortment of smaller tournaments as well as the Sunday Storm. I cashed in almost every tournament I played and had another deep run that has left me even hungrier than before. 

(For some reason my image wont embed so here: http://imgur.com/5wHC8r9)

I finished in 211th place out of 45 552 runners, which was good for $204.89. This is one of my largest individual cashes since I've started playing poker and it felt awesome to have another deep run. At one point with about 300 people left I was down to less than 1 big blind after losing a flip, but I managed to find some cards and hang on, eventually losing when my 11BB shove of  88 got cracked by A4.

These last few weeks have proven to me that I have the skill and mental fortitude for strong results in MTTs. Thus I have been motivated to set the following goals for myself for January:

1. Play at least 200 tournaments.

2. Have an ROI% of 15% or better.

3. Make my first Final Table on Pokerstars.

I hope my January will be as fun and succesful as my December has been. See you at the Final Table!