This is the first time i write a post but i felt like this is help me to loose and share opinions and thoughts with the poker community.


I joined a lot time ago to PSO but just about 2 weeks ago i began to really play in a lot of tournaments 100% of them are a freerolls because i'm from israel where poker is still illegal because the court in israel claim poker is a game of luck and not skills although in several cases the poker community in israel brought experts that claim that it's not true the court still not approved to hundred thousands of players in here to play on real money so the IPT (israeli poker tournaments) needs to make thier events in other countries such as malta austria romania and etc.

to summerize until now i make 0.78 cents out of the freerolls and i feel like i improve and progress maybe one day soon i can play in a bigger buyins without trick the authorities which i dont want to do like other people in israel.

thanks for reading and have a great day