The video “Push or Fold #1” by André “HoRRoR77” Wagner is interesting because it shows, straight to the point, the range of hands you should be calling an all-in push or folding to it.

Basically, horror77 is heads up and has AK off suit on the button against a player which is around eight times shorter on stack. Of course he bets to force the opponent to call all-in or to fold. And it is now that comes the interesting part, where he analyzes which hands should the opponent call with or fold.

Starting with every pocket pairs, down to pocket 22. And then every Ace, even A2 off suit. Every suited King or off-suited Kings down to around K6. Queens and Jacks down to eight. Roughly, these are the hands range that should be calling all-in to his bet.

The opponent calls and shows hole Queen-Ten off suit, a hand which is included in the afore mentioned range. Even his hand being a little behind, it was a good call, considering it is a heads up and his stack was really low. Turns out he connects to the flop with a pair of Tens but horror77 also gets a pair of Kings, which grants him victory at the end.