hi just joined PokerSchoolOnline. I have been playing pokerstars play money for years. I have played some real money online games. I am a US player so I just joined the home games. 

Question: How do I receive a RANK if I cannot play real money games.

To the real good players I seem like a rookie and to the semi-new players I seem like a seasoned pro.

I play certain level games and I either dominate or have a good game.

I move up a level and I get stomped, pushed around and thrown off my game.


I have been playing the 6 player 2000 sit N go and if I am on my game I almost always place first or second. In a few days of playing I have bankrolled up to 30k.

I played a 10k buy-in table and got my butt handed to me, I could not manange to do anything but nail a good hand bet and they always fold when I am holding anything good. so I am kinda stuck in the middle. they say you only get better by playing better players.
maybe the home games will give me what I am looking for.
I play maybe three to four days a week -usually 2 to 4 hours.

it IS a lot of fun to play when I can read the other players easily, there is almost always one or more that is over aggressive/often overplaying their hand and I wait till the right hand and trapping is easy.
ended up where I had a A 10 and he had an A 5, he went all-in and it was an easy win. 

usually to get the table down to three players, should require almost No luck. I dont like to get myself backed into a corner where I have to get lucky to win. When it comes down to head to head if you are careful and paitent you can almost always pull a win. 
the last game I was down to 550 and came back to win. when I had less than 1k he has 8k I think.
fighting my way back from 2k to even only took 30 min.

I finished with four of a kind in sevens
that was fun

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