I have recently started playing poker and so far, it's been quite enticing. I'm still new to the world of poker as my only experience of poker is from my very first poker game with my high school friend. He taught me the basics of poker gameplay using small change as play chips. Though the "game" itself didn't last ten minutes, I found myself drawn towards the game and wanted to keep playing to win. But it's funny. After this short, thrilling experience, I completely forgot about poker until early this year when I found this site and started to play poker.

To be frank, I registered in mid-January but it really was not until last week that I started playing and have so far built up a bankroll from nothing in just a few days. I guess this isn't really something to be considered an accomplishment but it is the first step for this beginner. Hopefully, I can grow this small bankroll to my expectations so I can immediately start on the real money tables by end of this week. But that will depend on how much time and effort I can put into the game coupled with the variance I can't avoid.