As I have watched videos from me the greatest  video  of Randy Lew aka nanonoko from Team PokerStars Online: No-Limit Hold'em Beginner Series Part 3 - Betting




Well I’ve playing for 8months now and so far it’s been disappointment. Ive lost out on big hands been called down to the river .This has caused me to question the way I play hands, particularly when im convince that I’am ahead against a opponent range. Im starting to question my ability to control pot size, or when to play tight ….I have no confidence ……but it change my attitude because

I have learned and understand the Dry Flops and Wet flops in relation on pre flops hands on the boards determine the strength of  card on hand as well as your opponent’s card hand.

The absolute and relative Hand strength this give me additional knowledge in playing cash game where in sometimes I got carried away to see the board if I got top pair or  2  pairs underestimating  the opponents card  strength and  finding myself on the losing side… a disgrace for me…Now I can improve my playing skills in poker…

From these I can plan my moves in every hand a correct decisions on when to raise , re raise and fold …bluffed other opponents .in my opinion to win in a tourney or cash game one must master this … And I bow to randy Lew “nanonoko”.