I dont know how to start this blog, if i even can call it blog. I am writing this to express my frustration. I have been doing bad lately in cash games and sometimes in PSO games despite being patient and waiting for the good cards to come but lately when i get what seems to be "good cards" they become the reason why i lose the tournament. A while ago i played tourney and i got KK..somebody went all in with AA and the third called with 66. and guess who won the pot?...yes its the one with 66. Why does this happen too often? 

Right before this tournament in PSO. I had JJ and someone else QQ but the one with winning hand was 999. Something similar happened to me over 8 times in the past few days, which is why i have been losing. 

This should be rare, but it is happening too often. It's like sometimes you normally win with those cards but many times you get busted by weaker hands. Not only does it happen to you but it happens to many others as you watch the table playing. I just start to notice that happening too often and it makes me feel kind of hopeless.

Now how can you avoid this? fold when somebody goes all in and you have KK? is it realistic to do that? 

in the last two PSO tours. I was barely getting winning hands even after seeing the river. Someone always had a better hand. Once i folded K4 preflop, the flop showed K74, i thought to myself ahh that was my chance but someone won that with 777. It's just too crazy sometimes..and when i at last get "good hand"  after so many bad beats and chip losses, i lose the game to flush or straight or 3 pairs. Sometimes loss is unavoidable no matter how many times i try.

Edit: oh and when i posted this i lost again in the 1st 5 mins of the PSO tour. I had QQ and i lost to JJJ at the river. I just wanted to prove it someone who i was complaining to at the table..that this is happening to me too often. and i proved him right.