Few days ago i was playing in PSO tournament and someone in my table shared with us the SCOOP Daily Freeroll, so i registered and to my susrprise i did extremely well. I ended up in the 47th position out of around 7000 entrants, leaving the tournament with a $3.46 however, i believe that i could've stayed longer if it wasnt for one guy who kept going all-in. I had QQ so i gave it a try and lost most of my chips to A6. I had 330k. That was the 4th highest stack in the tour and 48 players left..blinds were around the 7k, so it was easy to make it to the final table by doing nothing.

Anyway, the next day i played again and i ended up in the 132th place out of approximately 10500 participants. Leaving with $1.3 added to my bankroll.

in the third one, i was doing very well too. I had high stack but i was getting sleepy because the tournament starts at around 12:40 AM..so i started playing like a donk and lost of my chips, finishing at the 750th place..getting around 50 cents.

Yesterday i played again and finished 443rd out of more than 14k entrants. Well basically i ended up in this position because we lost power in my country while i was playing. It's the reason why i dont play PSO much lately. Because electricity here goes off every 3 hours for 3 hours and it's been like that for few days, so i dont wanna risk losing my PSO points now since i reached 1733. I really want to compete in the leaderboard but nature is against me this time!!

In the end, i want to say that PSO taught me to be patient in tournaments. My SCOOP results are my own achievements even though the winnings were insignificant but i have grown the $3.5 and turned it into $33.70 in few days. I must mention here that other tournaments are much easier than PSO. Players in PSO tournaments are much tougher and more cunning.

anyway, wish you all good luck in tours.

PS: When i was about press the "create post" button, we lost electricity for 6 solid hours!