Results week 1

2nl 12k hands +$45.62 winrate 19.09bb/100 and Ev 19.36bb/100

5nl 600 hands +$4.96 winrate 16.24bb/100 and Ev 36.79bb/100

Graph for the week


As for the premier league it was a rough start with 6 mediocre games but it ended with a spark with a win to end the week moving me upto 110 place so a solid week all round.


Going forward week 2

I'm not sure the exact plan just yet in that I am now able to play 5nl I could move up or play the games during the peak hours when the games look better and play 2nl when the 5nl games look bad. I would love to still play 2nl and generate a decent sample size to find out where my true winrate is but I do realise that moving up should be more profitable.  


Week 2 goals

Break top 100 in premeir league

Play 15k hands this week

Build the bankroll to allow shots at 10nl during card match promo


Thanks for reading