Ok so let's start off by setting the record straight on the whole "new year new me" waffle, that is just something you say when you do something new but never follow through.


So with that said Its new year same me just with a few big changes for the better . As for goals I'm not sure what goals I want to set just yet, I don't want to set goals that are too easy to achieve but I would like to be realistic so i guess that's something that will need to be addressed at some point. Most likely they will be monthly goals to encourage regular play and overall motivation on and off the felt.


In the past I have skipped over playing limits and playing where I had a bankroll and was honestly breakeven and a marginal winner so recently I wanted to change that and decided to start from scratch and find my true level and not what i felt was my level. So with that said I started 3 weeks ago at 2nl with around $45 (not sure the exact ammount including starscoins). The plan was to grind up and take some shots when I am a solid winner at the lower level and when the game looks ok. The main thing I have tried to implement after so many hours of arrogance is to actually table select and not just battle semi solid players. 



So the last 3 weeks starting at 2nl 

zoom tables 39k hands +$28.09 winrate 3.6bb/100 and Ev 3.36bb/100

reg tables 8.4k hands +$22.77 winrate 13.69bb/100 and Ev 16.1bb/100

total 47k hands +$50.86 winrate 5.37bb/100 and Ev 5.6bb/100


I will add the starscoins converted over seperately but so far i have not claimed any. 


Going forward

A non poker friend suggested a challenge as a joke but having had a long think about it I really think it might be for me. Having had some medical issues recently and being young being healthier will pretty much help to hopefully have those problems not reoccur. So the challenge is to exercise for 2017 miles in a year this would include walking,running or cycling but i wont be counting things like walking while working or anything like that it will be just purely from work in the gym only. Now 2017miles in a year seems really achieveable until you realise thats's close to 40miles a week so you can't take any days off and play catchup which I think is a great thing as it forces you to follow through when the motivation is lacking. 


But as for poker the short term goal would be to move up to 5nl in the next couple of weeks for a couple of shots with hopefully a permanent move by the end of the month. I have made it into the premier league for Jan so the target is to place top 500 but the minimum I want is to qualifiy for next month.


Goals for January

168 miles of exercise

reach 5nl

top 500 premier league


thanks for anyone reading If things continue I may decide to make some youtube videos of the micros as some up to date stratergy in the relevent games is lacking in my opinion. so let me know if you would like to see some of that at some point.