A little about me.

I have been playing poker on and off for a few years now but never really taken it seriously enough, well this year i plan on changing that. I currently attend nortampton university studying accounting and economics so have a lot of spare time for the first time in a while to play poker when not studying. 


The challenge

The main goal is to make $5000 playing 45man sng turbo's only, this means any mtt's and bonus cash won't count for the challenge but i will let you know if i get a big score. Aside from the cash goal i want to fix a few leaks in my game most of which result from a lack of concentration or focus and playing on autopilot. 


How i plan on reaching my goals

I plan on only playing the 45man sng's because they seem to suit my style of play quite well and i have had a bit of success playing them. I'm going to start off playing just .50cent and $1.50 entries for a bit while i work on my leaks and then gradually move up when i feel the time is right, my bankroll is more than ready to move up but until i'm happy with my play i won't move up, i would rather win at lower stakes than breakeven at higher stakes. The volume will be the key part to this challenge and it should be high as i have a lot of spare time up until around easter when i will scale back the poker time for a few weeks while i take end of year exams, after then i have the whole summer to make up for the lost time so i't shouldn't be any issue at all. 

round up of goals

1. make $5000

2. fix some leaks

3. 10k vpp

4. most importantly have fun

So i started a little early

I know it's cheating a little but i started a few days early once i set up my spreadsheets how i wanted them so here's how they have gone so far.

.50cent  games 53 itm% 30.18 roi% 78.71 profit $20.86

$1.50 games 51 itm% 35.29 roi% 102.5 profit $84.72

as you can see i have been running good so far but more importantly i have been playing well with only a few silly plays so far which has pleased me more than the cash result.

so games played 103 profit $105.58.

On a side note i had my best cash in the sunday storm just before posting this blog after a long a good run i ended up 91st for $255.09 which i was very happy with.

the round up

I will probably update the blog weekly and include that weeks stats with a running total of the year so far. If anyone wants to try something similar with the turbos then feel free to chat to me about stratergies as these games are very much beatable but seem to play different at certain times of the day/night mainly due to the nationality of players seeming to have different styles i.e. the russians love any A and the brazilians are bigger fish than jaws. no offense if your russian or brazilian i know your not all the same but your fellow players have a bit of a reputation lol.