I have not been able to catch cards for two days now to save my life. Ive been trying to move up in points and seem to just be at the wrong end of the stick against idiots who care nothing about there score. Suckouts happen and I understand since ive handed out a few myself.  Im just really frustrated with the way things are falling right now. I just hope this crappy streak of bad cards, brutal suckouts, and frustation comes to a close soon. If your experiencing the same the only thing I can say is to keep playing your A game, focus on what you have control over and still rely on your instincts. There is ton of infomation out there to improve our game and not using it is a recipe for disaster. If your running like me right now I hope things improve for you and if your running great I hope things continue that way. Stay sharp and dont let the tilt monster get you. One last thing, you have all probably heard this but it cannot be stressed enough.
By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail