"Shut the **** up, German fish!" was the only intelligible reply I got to my attempts of communicating with my fellow players at yesterday's The Big Bang tournament. It also served as my most memorable experience from it, sadly. Obviously, I'm not as experienced in Poker as other players are. Obviously, that makes me play not as perfect as other players do. Going All-In with  non-suited against  non-suited pre-flop qualifies as a pretty stupid move by all means. Hell, going All-In with these cards is a pretty stupid move no matter what stage of the tournament you're in and what opponent you're facing.

But Poker being Poker, mistakes or dumb moves may pay off in the short run - they almost never will pay off in the long run, but I'll get to that later - and the board turned out to give me triples. Hurray for me, but it could have been an early end for me by then. It was then that I first got confronted with an expression of dislike in the form of "nh fish", which I choose to ignore liberally. I was aware of having had serious luck to beat that hand and felt it would be wise to not say anything, as it could be regarded as a taunt, no matter what.

Later on, a rather typical  vs.  duel with split pot occured, which I simply commented with a humorous "Now that was a close one. " - which was appreciated in the way which served as an introduction to this article. I couldn't really understand the harm in my statement, since nobody even lost a single chip... he must have still been angry for having experienced a Bad Beat at my hands.

I know that Online Poker is by nature less personal than live Poker and I'm pretty sure that much less people would call an unexperienced player a fish straight to his face in a live situation than online, but still... the aggressiveness of this particular player somehow surprised me and I felt offended and - to a degree - intimidated. It took a while for me to get over that... and reconsidering my experience after the tournament was over, I decided to definitely continue playing at the play money tables as long as I don't have the thick hide to just ignore such conflicts, especially since it could easily lead to getting tilted and playing even worse than before.  

But talking about the long run... in the end I finished the tournament in 94th place (out of ~270 entrants), which is rather mediocre, I guess. It was a nice experience to make over all, but even though the music was terrible, I enjoyed going out dancing with my girlfriend afterwards a lot more. And the exactly same player eliminated me from the tournament - ironically me going All-In pre-flop with  non-suited against him holding  non-suited and ending up with high-card Ace + King kicker at the showdown - a rather classic end for such a confrontation.

When we got back from dancing that night, I took the liberty to check up on the tournament results - he finished 4th place and I somehow didn't begrudge it to him.

Well, thanks for reading and a special thanks to Ovalman for being the first to comment on my blog. He turns out to not be oval at all, if his blog is to be believed.  

So see and read you and never play a suited pocket-pair, however tempted you may be!