Like most people, I don't blog a whole lot. I'd like to change that... It has always been a "secret shame" of mine that I cannot find enough things in my little life to support regular blog output. I mean heck, I have hobbies and interests, primarily poker, and I think I have a lot to say about a lot of different things. I rarely find a lack of chat fodder in real life conversations, and I think (ok, I HOPE) people find that talking to me is not a boring waste of time. So why is it that every time I try to start a blog I do it for a couple days then quit? Maybe the problem lies in the fact that blogging is a ton of work? I mean to my way of thinking, a blog should be interesting at least, hopefully a little bit funny, and certainly enlightening in some way, be that either as revealing of deeper immortal truths or just a pleasant bit of fluff with a point to make. This has proven to be a lot harder than it seems, and trying to keep up output which meets the criteria of something I would want to spend time reading can be damn hard! Maybe it is because I fail to continue caring enough about petty things to keep writing? Since I'm sure I'm like most people, and since I would rather be "known" for sticking to the things I start with good old fashion Gary Cooper/John Wayne type fortitude, rather than flaking off when the trail gets tough...Hey wait, is that a bird outside the window? Ah, where was I? new poker blog, yeah... But what if I tried a "theme" blog, like that lady who decided to make all of Julia Child's recipes in a year? She parlayed her blog, and ended up with a personality complex, 20 extra pounds, and a movie deal. I'll take the movie deal, a personality complex probably wouldn't be noticeable on me, but someone else can have the extra 20 pounds! Sure, it isn't likely MY blog will result in a movie deal, but if the important thing is to maintain this blog, and to do THAT I have to have "content", and if I want this to be about poker, I have to find a poker theme! Captain Obvious comes to the rescue! Now what... A couple days ago on the PSO General Forums, I responded to a thread about the bad things which can happen AFTER you have worked to use decent start hand standards. I suggested that the poster look at 2 things to continue his "poker development": 1) Learn to read the "texture" of a flop. 2) Learn to adjust start hand standards to the table "dynamic". I put up a comment regarding how the value of AK out of position changes on a rag/rainbow board with a top pair hit for the AK, and how it might be affected by a highly coordinated all broadway/2 of a suit board. Well lo' and behold! Very soon after I posted that, I got into the EXACT same situation with AK! I then posted the exact adjustments I made, and the results of my play decisions with the hand history from play in a free roll. It was kizmet that the same situation happened right after I posted something, and the idea for my new blog was born! So finally you have waded thru all this truffle pig dooty, and gotten to the real mushroom part of my new blog! I figure I will spend the next bit of time in my life writing all about getting AK in freeroll and mirco cash games! Hopefully there is enough things of interest to say about how you play AK, both suited and off-suit, to sustain continuation of this thing here, and I know there is a lot of "mistakes" that can be made with this good, but not GREAT, starting hand. I don't represent myself as a "perfect" poker player, and I certainly welcome comments about any of the hands I put up here. I do hope to get a few people interested in following this blog, and will be checking for any comments on my play choices with AK to see if I can improve the things that I am doing wrong. If this comes to pass, that there are some people posting comments on this blog, then maybe we can all help each other with how to play AK. My first post will be coming soon... See ya!