So, I am still playing the strategy from before: All in with AJ+ and 88+ and limping in with any two cards in the blinds and late positions [including the hijack].

Points to note
1. Hand 1: I didn't fold to a raiser even though I only had a pair. My thinking, I guess, was I had a ten percent chance of hitting my two pairs or better on the next card and I could get $2500 from this guy to make it profitable. But, really I should have folded. Somebody raised after and I lost my bet because I had to fold.

2. Hand 9: Went all-in with a pair. This could have cost me half my stack. I should have done an over bet, that should have been enough to push people out of the pot.  But, this play wasn't in the game plan.

3. Hand 10: Try the same thing as Hand 9, but this time I was out of position and lost half my stack.

4. Hand 12: I am clearly on tilt.  I called a 4BB raise then went all-in with air after the flop,putting my tournament life on the But, thankful, the other guy had air too and I rivered a flush.

5. Hand 13: I think I played well here. My thoughts are at this point, I can't wait for a 1 in 30 chance of hitting, so any pair I am raising hoping for a fold.  I min-raised, someone called then I hit trips on the turn.  It was all good from there.

6. Hand 16:  Tried the same thing as in hand 13 but I didn't get any improvements to my hand. Lost about 1/5 of my stack. Should have folded after the double barrel.

7.  Yea, bad play all around, but I survived. Next set of hands will be bubble and in the money play.