I continued with the same strategy used for the first 20 hands for the next 20. I am limping in with any two cards in the blinds, button, cuttoff and hijack.  I am supposed to fold to any raiser[I sometimes don't].  If my cards, don't come two pairs or better, I will check it down and fold to any raiser. If it flops two pairs or better or improve to such, I am all in. Also, I am all in for AJ+ and 88+.

Points to note
1. Hand 7 - I thought I had a straight. So, I called a raiser.  I was supposedly slow playing, since I thought I had the nuts at that point. When the turn was an Ace, I went all in. I figured if he had an Ace I could stack him.  Well, it is great he folded.

2. Hand 17 -  I should have folded to a raiser. I lost nearly half my stack due that mistake.  Maybe in the future, I can make my opponents make that mistake.  Yep, thought top pair was good enough. 

3.  I had alot of hands that were AJ+, 88+, but most folded to my all-ins except short stacks.  Maybe I could make a bigger profit if I didn't go all in.