This series will  cover all the hands I played to get to the final table in bankrollmob $25 freeroll. As a beginner, I think it would be helpful to other beginners to  know exactly how you get to the final table in a large field.

The tournament has basically just begun.  So, I can limp to see cheap flops in the blinds, button, cuttoff and hijack. I tried not to play any earlier positions than the hijack because someone is more likely to raise after me, and I would have lost a blind worth of chips. My hope was to flop two pairs or better when limping, then go all in. If I didn't flop two pairs or better I would check it down, folding to any raiser unless my hand improves to two pairs or better in which case I am all in.  Also, I went all in for AJ+ and 88+.

Points to note:
1. Hand 5: I made a mistake by limping in too early. I should have folded because it is more likely someone would raise and I would have to fold. Someone did raise and I did fold.

2. Hand 8: Flopped a monster. Trips that improved to quads.  When the flop came I had to play it fast[ie make a pot size bet to give my opponents incorrect pot odds] because all the drawing hands[there were possible straight and flush draws] on the board. In review, why didn't I go all in as planned? Was this a mistake?  Nevertheless, the hand improve to quads on the turn.  Because I held the nuts[an unbeatable hand], I decided to slow play.  Slow playing here I was hoping my opponent hand will improve and/or he will think I have nothing, thus making it more likely I would stack him.  I went all in on the river and my opponent called and I doubled up.

3. Hand 10: I have pocket 10s.  Two person I had raised infront of me. One was a fairly short stack and the other a stack greater than mine.  I figured I only need to beat the stack bigger than mine to win.  And, I put him on AJ+ , so it would be a coin flip.  It worked out well I flopped a full house and stacked once agained doubled.

4. Hand 11: I failed to limp.  I guess I was still in the mode where I only played AJ+, 88+.  But, I should have limped to see a cheap flop.

5. Hand 13: I have pocket 10s. I am all in. Everyone folded. Could I have played that better?

6. Hand 15: I have AK offsuit. Again I am all in. I have a relatively big stack; the biggest on the table. So, I am not afraid to get it in. I am not playing for my tourament life. I hit the flop with  a pair of kings. So, my stack is even bigger. One thing to note is the amount of great cards I am getting in this first set of 20 hands.

7. Hand 17: I had K4 offsuit.  I flop top pair. At this point with my stack so big, I didn't care if I was mixing it up with only top pair. My stack was atleast 8 times my opponent who raised a pot size bet, so if I lost no biggie. My opponent fold, since I was probably challenging his tournament life for top pair with a weak kicker.

8. Hand 19: I called a 2BB raise.  This isn't following the plan of limping in with trash. My thoughts were I could stack this guy if I got my two pair.  But, this guy couldn't pay me the 60BB required for a profitable call, so it was a mistake to play this hand.  I folded on the turn even though I had top pair and a open ended straight draw. I figured I was already beaten with  a straight or pocket aces. But, yea if I don't have two pairs or better on the flop, I am checking it down and folding to any raise.

9. Hand 20:  Should have limped, but I didn't.  The Big blinds are now $150. For me to make a profitable play I would need a stack size that is atleast $4500 in the pot. Only one other player besides me who has that sort of stack on the table at hand 20. So, in the end it was the mathematically correct play.